Getting fatter simply terrified me

One day, Owen found that he could no fingers down my throat.” His eyes begin to glisten again. “I had to. Getting fatter simply terrified me.”


A disorder begins easily (usually with a diet), but stopping one is more difficult. So if you are looking for a healthy way to burn fat, take the recommended dosage of garcinia cambogia – check out how much garcinia cambogia should i take for safe weight loss. Stud­ies show the percentage of successful treat­ments — meaning the man never engages in disordered habits afterward — is less than that of recovered heroin addicts. Those that suffer from these diseases will most likely bear the scars of them forever.

“Sure, I thought about quitting … I wanted to quit,” recalls Owen, “But the bulimia was so deeply interwoven within me that’ couldn’t imagine myself without it.” Owen was surf his eyes glossing again, “If I wasn’t a bulim­ic, I didn’t know what I’d be.”


Apart from halting the display of Baywatch bods on TV and Calvin Klein underwear ads in print, there is only one front in the battle against disordered eating in men: education. “It’s important to learn that one’s identity comes from many sources, not just from how they look,” explains Petrie. “One who is able to achieve an identity as a worker, a husband, a son or a father is much more balanced ­these bring much more worth to life.”


Owen began to binge and purge daily, and did so for two years. “I withdrew from every­one,” he remembers. “That’s what’s most terrible about the disease — its secrecy. It thrives on isolation.”

Once, Owen tried to tell a friend about his problem. “My friend just laughed and said, `That’s not funny, man. There a lot of girls who have serious problems with that stuff.’” Owen was desperate. He had tried to come clean and no one would believe him “I felt like there was no where to turn for help. I felt lost within myself. I thought, ‘If even my friends don’t believe it, then maybe I don’t have a problem … maybe it’s okay.’” But Owen knew it wasn’t okay, and became certain that he was alone.

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